Life Groups

LifeGroups is the name for our weekly small groups, which meet to study the Bible together and encourage each other in the Christian life. We encourage everyone in the church family to be part of a LifeGroup if they possibly can be. 

LifeGroups are a great way to quickly get to know others in the church family, to benefit from an in-depth study of God's word, and the primary context in which we serve and support one another as a church family. 

Our term-time LifeGroups run on a Thursday evening, 7:30pm at The Halls on Queen's Terrace. The majority of those who tend to come to these groups are undergraduate students.

We also have year-round LifeGroups which run on Wednesday evenings, 7:45pm at 1 Dempster Terrace. This group is more suited to postgraduate students and those who are year-round residents of the local area. 

If you have any questions or would like to be part of a LifeGroup, feel free to contact  Matty (Thursdays) or Ciaran (Wednesdays).

Group with bibles open

Students at St Andrews Free Church

One of the real joys of being a church family in the middle of a great university town is that we get to welcome and care for students from right around the world. Our great prayer is that students would seek to live for God's glory as their chief priority, and would increasingly use the gifts He has given them in exclusive service of Jesus, whether they go on into the work-place, further study, or full-time Christian ministry. Students play a full part in the ordinary life and service of the church, and meet regularly for fun and encouragement together. Get in touch with Matty for more information about ministry amongst students week-round.

Mid Year Conference

A real highlight of the student year is MYC (Mid-Year Conference), our annual student conference which happens at the end of the Inter-semester break in January. We gather together for an intensive programme of talks, seminars, and Q&A sessions - as well as having a lot of fun with afternoon activities and evening entertainment.


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