Welcome to St Andrews Free Church

If you're moving to St Andrews to work or study in September we look forward to welcoming you! Here at St Andrews Free Church we are committed to teaching the good news of Jesus Christ and him crucified as revealed to us in the Bible. This, together with the Government's and our denomination's guidance on Covid-19, is what governs what our welcome will look like in the new academic year. This page is updated regularly to give you up to date information. If you're thinking of joining us why not visit us one Sunday or join our livestreamed services? To find out how click here.

Undergraduate Students

FC Students

Student Life Groups

These are our term-time small group Bible studies and a great place to meet fellow students and help each other read and understand the Bible together. These will be taking place on Zoom for the next while and this term we'll be running them alongside our...

Student Hub Nights

Every few weeks we'll take a break from our Life Group studies to do something slightly different and get to know more students as we listen to a short talk or watch a video on a topic for discussion and prayer.

You can sign up these things on our Contact Form or get in touch with Matty at matty@standrewsfreechurch.co.uk. Why not also follow us on Facebook (@standrewsfree) or Instagram (@standrewsfreechurchstudents) for more up to date info?

Postgraduate Students and Non-Students

Our Wednesday evening LifeGroups are small group Bible studies which run year-round, even outside of University semester dates, so if you’ll be living in St Andrews permanently during your time here you may want to check them out. 

We know that this is an especially hard time to find a new church and so we would love to welcome you in person as best we can. Why not sign up to have a beach walk or post-church picnic with a few of our church family? 

Whether you are a family, postgraduate student or a local resident who's been here for years, we would love to get to know you and  find out how best we can welcome you into church life here! 

You can sign up for all of these things by getting in touch with Kirsty at kirsty@standrewsfreechurch.co.uk.