Live Streaming

In light of the situation surrounding Coronavirus Covid-19, we will not be physically meeting this Sunday as a church.  However, hearing the Word of God read and taught still remains a priority for us as a church family, and so all of our services will be available via livestream.

The livestream is a live Internet audio feed, provided via PodBean (, a service which we already use for allowing access to recordings of our sermons. (Access details below)

Orders of Service

10:30am Service Sheet

6pm Service Sheet

Livestream access

The livestream is accessible via an app on your phone or tablet (both Android and Apple).

1) Download / install the app on your on your phone or tablet from your respective app store (search for "PodBean"):




2) Launch the app. If you do not already have an account, "Sign up", to create a new account. ("Sign up" is free, but is required to access the livestream.) "Login" with your PodBean account details.

3) Search (little "magnifying glass" symbol at the top of the screen) for "St Andrews Free Church Media" and you should find the list of sermons. Once the the livestream is up and running, it will appear at the top of the list (it should "go live" about 5 minutes before the normal start time of the service). Select the livestream item when you see it, and in a few moments you will pick up the live audio stream.

4) One thing some people have reported when using the app is that list of sermons might not be refreshed automatically in the view you see on your phone or tablet. So, if you bring up the list of sermons showing the livestream before it has started, you may need to leave that view (or quit the app ) and come back to the list of sermons closer to the time to see a more current view of the status of the livestream. (We try to "go live" around 5 minutes before the start of the service.)

5) You can join or leave the livestream at any time, once it is live. (After the service is over, a recording will be available on the church website as usual.)



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